Ep. 78: Joey Hamilton (former MLB player) of Royal Flush Plumbing & Flush Athletics


Join Best-Selling Author and National Speaker Ryan Sauers on Marketing Matters Episode 78… interviewing  a super guest and organization. This empowering episode features a detailed discussion with our guest, Joey Hamilton, a former Major League Baseball player and now an influential figure in Gwinnett’s sports community. Discover the rich path from his MLB journey to his present role in community youth sports development and business entrepreneurship.

Delve into the Flush Athletics story, part of Royal Flush Plumbing, a community-building initiative founded by the owner as a way to give back  Unravel how the project aims to contribute to the local community, providing affordable sport chances for kids around Gwinnett. Witness a conversation that merges sports, community service, and marketing effectively, offering insights into business and baseball, punctuated by engaging tales from Hamilton’s baseball career.

Listen as Joey and Ryan discuss  the evolution of baseball, compare positions of yesteryears’ pitchers to those of today. Learn how Royal Flush’s ingenious marketing and community service vision culminates in Flush Athletics—an innovative mix of community goodwill and effective marketing with significant ROI potential. Regardless of whether you’re a baseball enthusiast, a marketing expert, or interested in community development, this episode promises valuable content.

We also dive into the complexities surrounding youth competitive sports. Discussions around ‘sports burnout’, over-practicing, and parental pressure give listeners insight into the world of youth sports. Learn about the importance of passion, balance between sports, academics, personal life, and the essential attribute of discipline inculcated through sports.

The narrative also challenges the conventional wisdom of a college education as the sole path to success, advocating for the viability of trade or tech schools. Experts provide perspectives on how companies and employers can ensure the wholesome growth of young athletes. The episode is a must-listen for parents, sports enthusiasts, and mentors seeking a better understanding of competitive sports and effective support for young athletes.

Join us for an enlightening episode as we converse with Joey Hamilton, a professional baseball veteran turned business leader. Joey shares experiences from the baseball field and their relevance in his business persona today. Understand Royal Flush Plumbing’s unique business model that combines provision of quality services, youth development programs, and community service, demonstrating the profound impact of discipline and hard work in achieving success.

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