Digital & Social Media

We take an individualized approach to your marketing strategy. Do you change it, tweak it, do more, do less, get out, or jump in? The goal is to have a dialogue and conversation with your clients in today’s often impersonal and rapidly moving world. We will analyze what you are doing in the digital and traditional spaces of marketing. We will recommend a customized plan for your organization to grow your owned and (in time) earned audience. We make recommendations of other tools that can help you, such as videos, podcasts, blogs, online community groups, to keep you and your name in front of your ideal client. We will get you set up correctly with any of these options and help train you to handle it internally, long-term.

Strategic Advertising & Branding

We help you allocate your advertising dollars to the best places possible to achieve the maximum “bang for your buck.” This may be a local advertising medium such as the two Our Town Gwinnett Magazines that EndResultz media owns. In contrast, it could also mean we recommend advertising in another publication we partner with, on a billboard, banner online ad, radio or TV, direct mail, social media advertising, sponsorship, and much more. The goal is a completely tailored approach for you based on our analyzing your business needs. This way, we use each dollar as if it was our own. Our goal through the advertising mediums is to get YOUR BRAND in front of the right audience for YOUR business and gain new clients that will more than pay for any advertising investment.

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