79: Gwinnett County Commissioner Jasper Watkins


Embark on a captivating journey into the marketing world with a special episode of ‘Marketing Matters with Ryan Sauers.’ This episode stands out with its unique feature-an engaging conversation with Gwinnett County Commissioner Jasper Watkins. His insights offer a fresh perspective on the pivotal role of communication and marketing in business and everyday life.

Delve into Commissioner Watkins’s professional journey, a rich source of practical insights. From his upbringing in a military family to his diverse career as a pharmacist, military service officer, and now a public servant, his experiences provide a unique lens to understand the challenges of governance, crisis management, and the power of scientific decision-making.

Gain insights into how leaders in Gwinnett County tackled societal changes in the wake of the pandemic. Discover the innovative strategies implemented, from development of the Immunization Station, introducing a microtransit system, revitalizing unused land, to managing financial and mental health issues triggered by the pandemic.

Commend the resilience of the Gwinnett County community and appreciate their united efforts in facing adversity. Be inspired and informed by the thoughtful leadership the county demonstrated under extraordinary circumstances.

Join us as we explore the progressive initiatives District 3 Commissioner, Jasper Watkins, brings to Gwinnett County. From establishing e-commerce safe zones, promoting diversity, to enhancing affordable housing, Watkins showcases a wholesome approach to community development.

Enjoy the candid conversation highlighting the importance of voice in community development, and the power of collective voices. Experience the humor as Watkins discusses the potential misinterpretation of one’s online actions and closes with his continued commitment to his community and a trio of life’s key questions.

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